Coaching & Speaking

The mission of Utopia Living is to empower clients to accomplish their goals by engaging their passions and maximizing their unique purpose to achieve a wholistically fulfilling life! Work with Naya to develop a plan and strategy to achieve your “most passionate life on purpose.”

Utopia Living Individual Coaching

Utopia Living’s clients will experience customized coaching sessions that are mapped out by their own core values, goals, and life vision. The “Utopian Life” philosophy is that all areas of one’s life must be in harmony in order for one to truly have peak effectiveness, fulfillment, and balance. This model encompasses accomplishing the desired outcome of the clients: Professional, Spiritual, Financial, Emotional, Physical, Personal, and Relational Life Goals.

The Utopia Living Way

We incorporate a blend of the following:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive Psychology
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Leadership and Strength Assessments
  • Coaching Tools & Exercises For Maximum Transformation

Areas of Coaching include:

  • Wholistic Life Balance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business
  • Executive/Leadership
  • Career
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Financial

Speaking and Group Coaching

Are you looking for a dynamic, compelling, relevant, and informed speaker to engage and inspire your organization? If so, Ms. Naya Powell, Wholistic Lifestyle Strategist, Executive Coach, Writer, Speaker, and the Founder of Utopia Spa and Global Wellness is the perfect match for you.

Booking Ms. Naya Powell as a Speaker will inspire your audience to “Live Their Most Passionate Life on Purpose…Wholistically” and glean from her powerful insights on some of the following topics:

Wholistic Wellness Speaking/Coaching

  • 30 days to Utopia Living: Unleash Abundance in your Mind, Spirit, Body & Relationships (Book)
  • 10 Daily Habits for an Exceptional You (Cultivating Daily Habits for an Exceptional You)
  • Live Your Most Passionate Life on Purpose
  • The Art of Love (Maximize Love for Yourself & Your Relationships)
  • Cultivate Gratitude & Inner Peace
  • Unleash Your Vision
  • Mindful Goal Setting
  • Clear the Clutter: Free Your Time & Mind (Organization Strategies)
  • Find Money in Your Wallet
  • Communicate with Clarity, Care, & Constitution
  • Redefine Life After Divorce
  • Rebuild Your Life with Resiliency

Executive Speaking/Coaching

  • Mindful Leadership: Leadership That Inspires & Empowers (with Integrity and Character)
  • Effective Communication Tools
  • Emotional Intelligence: Leverage Your Strengths & Enhance Your Opportunities
  • Position Yourself for Promotion (Strategic Relationship Building, Engagement, & Impact)
  • Effectively Maximize Your Time & Productivity
  • Retention Strategies for Your Top Talent
  • Getting it Done (Goal Setting)
  • Women Winning In The Workplace

Entrepreneurial-Business Speaking/Coaching

  • The Plunge: Leaving Corporate to Pursue Your Passion – Profitably!
  • Mindful Entrepreneurship: “Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur”
  • Mindful Leadership: Leadership That Inspires & Empowers
  • The EQ Factor: Developing High Emotional Intelligence
  • Create Your Creative Space for Peak Productivity
  • Build A Harmonious Work-Life Plan
  • Compose Your Mission Statement
  • Create Your Own Unique Signature (Niche) Product or Service
  • The Impactpreneur (How to Incorporate Social Impact Values into Your Organization)

Youth Empowerment Speaking/Coaching

  • 5 Cs of a Diamond: Cultivating Character, Confidence, & A Spirit of Excellence
  • Vision Cast: Vision Boards
  • Be a Peer Leader vs. Being Peer Pressured

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