Success Stories

“When I came to Naya for my session, the moment I stepped into her setting, it was a lovely calming environment. The aromatherapy was very therapeutic which assisted me with a focus. My goal for this session was to achieve an organized outline for establishing a new business venture.

I have always respected Naya and her marketing expertise so I felt she was a perfect coach for my business aspirations. Naya was able to extract from a ball of unorganized ideas and direction and place me on a path that was very insightful and motivating. In my first session, much was accomplished and I walked away feeling very relieved and excited for my future possibilities.”

Courtney Bailey, Entrepreneur & Executive Recruiting Partner

Wholistic Lifestyle & Entrepreneurial Coaching Client

“I very much appreciated Naya’s wealth of personal experience, genuine concern and tremendous insight.Her perspective and process allowed me to discover opportunities for making progress toward my goals that hadn’t occurred to me previously. She is a joy to work with because she is so optimistic and supportive.

V. Herndon, Ph.D., Bio-Tech Consultant

Executive Coaching Client

“My personal coaching session with Naya of Utopia Living provided me with the opportunity to evaluate how to better align my passion with my future professional ambitions. As a result of the experience, I’ve been given a clearer direction on how to create the work/life balance I’ve always desired in order to live a full and holistic lifestyle”.

D. Marshall, Founder of The H.O.P. E. Institute of Leadership and Learning

Wholistic Lifestyle & Entrepreneurial Coaching Client

“Having a thought partner & coach was rewarding because it was necessary for me to let go of what was internally holding me back. I simply needed to open up and trust someone so that I could be free, creative, loving, excited and have fun again! A thought partner & coach is a worthwhile experience for anyone who desires to get in touch with good feelings again amidst all the current adversity in the world. It can also be done in an informal setting and that truly worked for me!”

J. Tucker, Community Activist

Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching Client

“I have good ideas and need to act on them, and I need to trust myself.” Naya asked powerful questions that helped me to think in a different way. “I was looking at it only one way.”

S. Cooper, Artist & Licensed Therapist

Executive Coaching Client